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From Conception to Completion

EBM’s extensive industry experience and professional knowledge will help you get your project off the ground and executed. A hands on, step by step approach keeps you on track with project planning, problem solving, valuable tools, guidance and accountability tailored to your short or long term objectives. Our commitment is nothing short of the successful realization of your entertainment goal or creative endeavor. 

EBM’s co-founder Harry Rob Bruner offers individualized consulting and a mentorship program for specific entertainment related projects.  He works with clients creating short and feature films, television concepts, web series, screenplays, theatrical productions and more. Using vetted strategies, tools and methods, Harry Rob can be an invaluable support and resource for creatives executing and completing a project.

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​Filmmaker, Actor & Writer Harry Rob Bruner will guide you through the process of…

  • Making a short film

  • Writing a screenplay, teleplay or stage play

  • Creating a web series

  • Making an independent feature film

  • Landing an acting agent or manager

  • Producing a theatrical play or show

  • Putting on a class or workshop

  • Or any other creative project

For your free initial consultation  

12 Week Project Completion Mentorship Program

Having trouble getting started? Difficulty finishing? Do you want accountability?  An expert partner and guide? Hire Harry Rob to be a mentor just for you and your creative project or endeavor.

In this 12 week, step by step program, you’ll create an overall game plan designed to get your project off the ground, to the next phase or completed.


Weekly one on one sessions and daily email support will produce concrete results that are doable, winnable and under your control with specific, measurable goals.


Get expert support through the entire process with milestones and a roadmap toward the ultimate successful completion of your project.

Program Elements

  • 1-1 Zoom sessions

  • email support

  • project planning & evaluation

  • hands on, step by step process

  • practical tools and real time feedback

  • achievable, winnable goals 

  • professional resources

  • expert advice

  • progress and accountability checks

Film Clapboard
Improv Group

Mentorship Program Details:

  • 12 weeks

  • Initial 1.5 hour, one on one Zoom orientation

  • Weekly 30m, one on one Zoom sessions  (4/month)

  • Email questions/responses throughout each week

  • Handouts and resources to your inbox

  • Cost: $1200 $US  (payment plans available on request)

Single 1 hour consultations, in person or Zoom, also available by request: $150

Have a project you want to complete in 2023?

Get HANDS ON SUPPORT for 12 weeks with EBM's Project Completion Program 

To contact Harry Rob or to book your free initial consultation 

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