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Fulfill Your Goals 

At EBM we know first hand what it takes to achieve success and fulfillment as entertainment professionals and industry leaders. We draw from years of real world experience, multifaceted training and cutting edge methods and modalities. EBM has worked with numerous top entertainers, entrepreneurs and other professionals, providing sound coaching for work and well-being.

EBM co-founder Judith’s integrated approach offers support, strategies and tools that empower you to attain your personal and professional goals. Individualized sessions provide insight and guidance with a focus on establishing objectives aimed at making fundamental change from a solid foundation. Judith will partner with you to follow through with your goals and create a lasting framework for your personal and professional excellence and success.

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Film Student

Work that truly thrives requires a solid focus on the big picture, while handling the minutia. To evolve and achieve excellence as a professional, it takes dedication, organization, cooperation, support and well-being. Judith’s integrated approach to work/career incorporates:

  • Establishing career objectives & aspirations

  • Goal setting, planning & timelines

  • Follow-through & accountability

  • Skills/talent assessment & development

  • Strategic brainstorming 

  • Having an active sounding board

  • Honing leadership skills & group dynamics

  • Time management & organization

  • Strengthening professional boundaries

  • Eliminating blocks to productivity

  • Branding & identity

  • Defining your contributory edge

  • Overcoming barriers to completion

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Well-Being is the foundation of true success and is key to a fulfilled life. Areas of work and life that are stuck or not operating optimally, promote tension and stress that can spiral and take a toll on your overall well-being, relationships and career. Woven into integrated coaching, well-being includes:

  • Anxiety/stress reduction

  • Improved self-awareness 

  • Transforming limiting beliefs

  • Overcoming blocks & resistance

  • Developing Integrity & authenticity

  • Better communication skills

  • Strengthening personal boundaries

  • More cohesive relationships

  • Work/life balance goals

  • Overcoming burnout

  • Health & wellness goals

  • Motivation/inspiration/purpose

  • Mindfulness & fulfillment

For your free initial consultation  

Partnering with a coach will support you to make fundamental change and attain your personal and professional goals. EBM’s coach Judith offers an individualized integrated approach designed and tailored especially for you.

New clients start with a free initial consultation session!

4 sessions package ----------- $500 ($125 per 1 hr.)

8 sessions package ----------- $920 ($115 per 1 hr.)

12 sessions package ----------$1200 ($100 per 1 hr.)

*Single sessions available upon request (after first 4 session minimum).

Take the next step toward fulfilling

your personal and professional goals with

Integrated Work & Well-Being Coaching

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